OUR PEOPLE The Penguin Frozen Foods team is made up of experienced and dedicated seafood professionals. Each has received extensive training in various facets of the industry: We have worked on shrimp boats. We have worked in packing plants. We have worked in operations and sales for seafood distributors. We have worked in retail seafood operations.

These experiences have taught us to recognize quality and how to achieve it; they have taught us that strict, uncompromising standards are essential every step of the way. For example, we know that shrimp can't be made better than it is when it is caught. That's why our shrimp is frozen within 30 minutes of being caught. And it's why Penguin is diligent about maintaining partnerships with Gulf shrimp fleets that have proven they can bring high-quality shrimp to the dock time after time.

These experiences have also resulted in a Penguin team that knows its product and understands its customers' needs. Our financial and marketing strength in the seafood industry – and our high standards for our products – allows Penguin to do what was once thought impossible (and our competitors still find impossible): turn a risky, seasonal business into a consistent supply of seafood that satisfies program customers 52 weeks a year. Only the best.

Penguin Frozen Foods, Inc. 2004